We offer a complete garden and grounds maintenance programme for gardens of all sizes.We carry out the required work on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis using modern garden machinery completed in a discreet yet efficient manner.

We are very aware that whilst everyone enjoys a beautiful looking garden, it is not always possible to find the time to keep it looking that way with a busy lifestyle.

Our programme includes:

  • Lawn care and cutting
  • Shrub re-shaping and pruning
  • Feeding and fertilising
  • Hedge cutting and trimming
  • Weeding and bed care

We aim for your garden to be as neat, tidy and colourful as possible all year round. From leaf collecting, cutting back and bulb planting in the autumn and winter through to the spring and summer where grass cutting, flower bed maintenance and improvement, take prominence.


Where possible, we create a compost system using grass cuttings and leaves. This can then be used as mulch and organic matter, which prevents weed growth whilst providing the plants with vital nutrients.


Our current garden maintenance rounds contain outdoor areas of all shapes and sizes around Medway. Whatever the client's budget and time frame we strive to be as neat, efficient and discreet as we can where the aim is to keep the customers needs our main focus.